Alaskan Klee Kais , Pomskys and Miniature Huskies!

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                                     Welcome to Little Arctic Angels !!!
                     We specialize in small breed Arctic dogs and crosses. 
We are the  founders and creators of the "Kolu Huskies", Kolu means "Little" in the Alaskan Eskimo language.  We have  Alaskan Klee Kais , Miniature Huskies, 
                    Pomskys  , and Kolu Huskies.  What are Kolu Huskies? Please check out the 
                                                             "About the breeds" page. 

 I am a Hobby Breeder ( Family raised dogs and pups ) of the beautiful smaller Arctic Breeds and Crosses, Dedicated to bringing Smart, Healthy, Quality dogs to the people who love them. We have a few litters planned a year, usually I personally have one or two litters, but I have friends and family who also often have litters as well , so contact us to see what we have coming available! We are dedicated to breeding the HIGHEST quality of dogs possible, and only breed sound, extremely healthy and well tempered dogs.

All of our mommy and daddy dogs have wonderful temperaments and are members of our family, they are NOT "Kennel dogs".  All of our puppies are raised around kids, cats, and other animals to ensure that they are very well rounded and do well and feel comfortable in all sorts of situations and surroundings. They learn to share at a young age and we use positive reinforcement training to encourage good behavior. We love our babies and treat them like family!

All of our dogs are COMPLETELY free of any Genetic health problem, GUARANTEED!!  Our number one priority and goal is bringing healthy happy puppies into loving families.  These little guys are the smartest dogs in the world, they will bring a lifetime of Love, Loyalty, and Humor into your home. They are some of the most wonderful family dogs out there, and posses the most mild sweet temperaments.

                                       Contact Info:

                                           941-916-8635 ( Text only please ) And our E-mail is 

 Please note, the BEST and sometimes only way to get a hold of us is through E-mail ( preferred ) or text message, we get so many inquiries a day sometimes , we would literally be answering phone calls 24/7. If it is very important to you to speak with me over the phone before you adopt your new family member, I completely understand, please email or text me and we can set up a good time to speak.