Alaskan Klee Kais , Pomskys and Miniature Huskies!

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                     About our Available Puppies, Pricing, and Health Guarantee!

  If you have recently sent us an email, please be patient, I promise we will get back to you, we are in the middle of a move, so we have been away from the computer  more then usual, the BEST way to contact me is through text right now :)                             

                                          About our available and up coming puppies and prices!

Update!  I have a toy size litter of pups ready to go May 15th. I have 4 little light red/brown on white husky marked ones, and a perfect little black and white boy. Eye color is still unknown, we should know soon though.  All the pups will be around 10 lbs full grown, and they are ALL SUPER fluffy and ADORABLE!!! 

If you are SERIOUS about adopting on from this litter, please let me know and I will put you on a contact list. 

We also have pups that will be ready early June, black and white will be around 20-25 lbs full grown, should be very very fluffy!!!

                                                                            Pricing information: 
                                                       Please make sure you understand our prices before you message us. All prices are firm

Our Miniature Husky puppies are from $1200-$1800, depending on markings, eye color, coat type and over all confirmation. 

Our Kolu , Pomsky, and Pomklee puppies range from $1500 - $3500 Depending on the breed and the puppies over all markings, eye color and coat type. Shipping is an additional $400

Perfectly Husky marked puppies with brown eyes from 8-25 lbs are $3000.

Perfectly Husky marked pups with Blue eyes from 8-25 lbs are $3500.

Perfectly Husky marked pups on the larger side ( around 30-40 lbs ) will be $2000 for brown eyes, $2500 for blue eyes.

Puppies with non traditional Husky markings, or that are white in color will be $1500 for brown eyes, $2000 for blue eyes.

 We absolutely GUARANTEE the health of our puppies!!! 

The puppies will be fully inspected, vetted and vaccinated by our Vet before they can go home. This means they has been checked for all health issues, both viral and genetic. 

-The eyes are checked to make sure the vision is perfect and their pupils respond correctly to light , and that there are no juvenile cataracts. 

-The heart is checked for any murmurs or irregularities.

-The belly is checked for an umbilical hernia, and the intestinal tract is felt to make sure there is no inflammation , indicating there could be worms or illness. 

-The hips,  joints and shoulders are checked for soundness.

-The ears are checked for any form of mites or infection and the hearing is checked to make sure the puppy is of good sound hearing. 

-The Vet also checks the mouth of the puppy for any form of abnormalities like a cleft pallet , and the Gums are checked for good pink color to make sure the puppy is not anemic. 

-The Vet also checks the puppy's nose to make sure its clear and not sniffley, making sure the puppy does not have a cold. 

-The puppy's whole body is check over to make sure there are no abrasions, skin issues, and to make sure the puppy is hydrated. 

The puppies also has to pass a fecal test, meaning the puppies are checked and tested for any form of intestinal parasites and the puppies HAVE to test negative in order to pass the inspection. In fact, the puppies has to pass EVERY test in order to be certified " Healthy and ready for sale". So needless to say, your puppy will be guaranteed by myself, AND my vet to be in great health.  

The Vet also fully vaccinates the puppies, they get their first round of shots , which vaccinates  the puppy ageist Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Canine Parainfluenza ,  Bordetella and Parvovirus.   

                           About Shipping !

If you decide you would like a puppy, and you are not able to come and pick up the puppy, we understand, and you have a few options.

Shipping is available at $400. This includes a Vet certified flight cert, the crate the puppy will arrive in, the food bowls that have to be attached to the inside of the crate, bedding, Gas ( We live almost 2 hours from the airport ) and the plane ticket itself. Once the puppy arrives at the airport nearest you, all you have to do is pick him or her up from the baggage claim office for United or Delta Airlines!! Very simple and easy process :)

You can also choose to fly to the airport near us, and we can meet you at the airport with the puppy. Some people prefer to do it this way, and it makes no difference to us, what ever makes you feel more comfortable.

Please note, if you are getting a puppy shipped, the puppy and shipping will need to be paid in full 5 days prior to shipping in most cases. 

                     Contact Info:

               941-916-8635 ( Text only please ) And our E-mail is 

 Please note, the BEST and sometimes only way to get a hold of us is through E-mail ( preferred ) or text message, we get so many inquiries a day sometimes , we would literally be answering phone calls 24/7. If it is very important to you to speak with me over the phone before you adopt your new family member, I completely understand, please email or text me and we can set up a good time to speak.